BTCDig is a Bitcoin mining pool server with GPU and FPGA/ASIC mining hardware support.

Pooled mining allows many users to work together and reduce variance in their Bitcoin reward over time. 
This is achieved by fairly distributing the reward from any blocks found by the server according to how much work
you as an individual miner have contributed.

To start earning Bitcoin, just follow the simple instructions.

Launch bonuses:

  • 0% fee for all miners, you will get 2% bonus for every payout

Our pool advantages:

  • Stratum mining interface - very low rejects rate and ASIC ready
  • Variable/user defined difficulty support - this minimize your network traffic
  • US based hosting - low network timeouts, fast channel
  • Dedicated servers
  • User accounts protected by secure connection (SSL)
  • Port 80 mining
  • Multiple protection methods for user accounts
  • Security related notifications
  • DGM payout method (full protection from pool-hopping attacks)
  • 16 decimal places (after point) for internal money calculations
  • Full 8 decimal places automatic payments
  • Manual withdrawal form for payments from 0.001BTC
  • Multiple miners per one user account
  • Notifications about miners failures
  • Detailed mining statistics and charts
  • Live share counter for current round
  • Simple JSON API for user account and pool statistics
  • More soon...